Kharme Studios


"A homage and tribute to all the goldfish we buy as kids and die within a week."

A goldfish that died too soon, Buddy wanted to see the world. Sadly, that would never come to be. A passing Wayfarer, however, took pity upon the tiny fish.

"Wake up, little one." said the Wayfarer in a long forgotten tongue, and the speck of orange in their cupped hands stirs.

Now, Buddy is off to see the world, eager to follow a friend on their adventures, carrying one's burdens, and safeguarding their belongings with him. Though at the end of the day, Buddy can only truly offer companionship, doing little more than carrying one's possessions. Somehow, for reasons he could not fathom, reasons Buddy could only thank the Seas Above and Below for, that was enough for you.

Simply say the word and Buddy will follow you to the Ends of the World and Beyond. Come Hell or High Water.